One of the most common oral dosage form, tablets have been manufactured since a very long time. We incorporate advance level of science in tablet manufacturing to give superior physical and chemical properties.                READ MORE

Although the number of products in capsules are fewer than in tablets, capsules enjoy the patronage of many combinations used in PPI's, antibiotics and other segments. At Edkem we have a fully automatic high capacity capsule machine to ensure uniform touch free capsule production.              READ MORE

One of the peculiar dosage forms, oral liquids require special expertise to manufacture owing to important physical attributes. We at Edkem take due care to ensure superior physical attributes or colour, taste, thickness and transparency besides obviously taking care of the bioavailability and dissolution profile.

Topical applications of medicines and cosmetic products leads to localized action and thus prevents side effects associated with other oral dosage form. Uniform emulsification of the wax phase and the water phase is the most critical step in ointment manufacturing. At Edkem, our machines ensure high sheer pressure between the two phases leading to a uniform content and viscosity of the ointment. A sophisticated filling and sealing system ensures high speed output for lami or plastic tubes.                           READ MORE

Nowadays, many people of the world eat an orange or drink orange juice every day, because oranges are one of the best and cheapest sources of Vitamin.                READ MORE