Our Products


The focus of the society is shifting from curative healthcare to preventive healthcare. This led us to the creation of our sister concern, Brukem Lifecare, exclusively dealing in the segments of manufacturing of Nutraceutical formulations. We have a dedicated Nutraceuticals plant, adjacent to our pharmaceuticals plant, for exclusively manufacturing of Nutracetuical formulation for domestic and international markets. The infrastructure is state of the art, one of the best in the country. The formulation segments dealt in Nutraceuticals include:

  1. Tablets

  2. Hard Gelatin Capsules

  3. Soft Gelatin Capsules

  4. Oral Liquids

  5. Powders

  6. Sachets

  7. Dry Syrups

The product segments dealt in primarily involves multivitamins and multiminerals, anti-oxidants, prebiotics and probiotics, energy replenishers , protein supplements and other food supplements, and specialty treatments in ortho care, gynae care, paediatric care, cardiac care, fertility enhancers and other segments.